ონლაინ ლექსიკონი



გამოთქმა: /meɪk/

განმარტებულია make სიტყვის თარგმნა ფლექსია

  • ორსული პირუტყვი

არსებითი სახელი

  • 1the manufacturer or trade name of a product:the make, model, and year of his car
  • the structure or composition of something.
  • 2the making of electrical contact.


  • 1form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; create:my grandmother made a dress for me cricket bats are made of willow
  • (make something into) alter something so that it forms (something else):buffalo’s milk can be made into cheese
  • compose or draw up (something written or abstract):make a list of all the points you can think of
  • prepare (a dish, drink, or meal):she was making lunch for Lucy and Francis [with two objects]:I’ll make us both a cup of tea
  • arrange bedclothes tidily on (a bed) ready for use: after breakfast you’d have until 8.25 to make your bed
  • arrange and light materials for (a fire).
  • Electronics complete or close (a circuit).
  • 2cause (something) to exist or come about; bring about:the drips had made a pool on the floor
  • [with object and complement or infinitive] cause to become or seem:decorative features make brickwork more interesting the best way to disarm your critics is to make them laugh
  • carry out, perform, or produce (a specified action or sound):anyone can make a mistake
  • (in soccer) enable a teammate to score (a goal) by one’s play.
  • communicate or express (an idea, request, or requirement):there are two more points to make [with two objects]:make him an offer he can’t refuse
  • archaic enter into a contract of (marriage): as many sailors do, he made a foolish marriage
  • [with object and complement] appoint or designate (someone) to a position:he was made a fellow of the Royal Institute
  • [with object and complement] represent or cause to appear in a specified way:the issue price makes them good value
  • cause to be successful:the work which made Wordsworth’s reputation
  • 3 [with object and infinitive] compel (someone) to do something:she bought me a brandy and made me drink it
  • 4constitute; amount to:they made an unusual duo
  • be suitable for or likely to develop into:this fern makes a good houseplant
  • consider to be; estimate as:How many are there? I make it sixteen
  • agree or decide on (a specified arrangement):let’s make it 7.30
  • 5gain or earn (money or profit):he’d made a lot of money out of hardware
  • Cricket score (a specified number of runs): he made a century
  • 6manage to arrive at (a place) within a specified time or catch (a train or other form of transport):we’ve got a lot to do if you’re going to make the shuttle they didn’t always make it on time
  • (make it) become successful:he waited confidently for his band to make it
  • (make it) succeed in reaching safety or in surviving:the pilot didn’t make it—his neck’s broken
  • achieve a place in:Australia should make the final
  • achieve the rank of:he wasn’t going to make captain
  • 7 [no object, with adverbial of direction] prepare to go in a particular direction:he struggled to his feet and made towards the car
  • [with infinitive] act as if one is about to perform an action:she made as if to leave the room
  • 8North American informal induce (someone) to have sexual intercourse with one:he had been trying to make Cynthia for two years now
  • 9(in bridge, whist, etc.) win (a trick).
  • win a trick with (a card).
  • win the number of tricks that fulfils (a contract).
  • shuffle (cards) for dealing.
  • 10 [no object] Nautical (of the tide) begin to flow or ebb.

be made of money

[often with negative] informal be very rich: we’re not going to pay for it—we’re not made of money

be made up

  • 1Northern English & Irish informal be delighted:we’re made up about the baby
  • 2Irish be assured of success; be lucky:what with the high prices since the war started, we’ll be made up if it lasts

have (got) it made

informal be in a position where success is certain: because your dad’s a manager, he’s got it made

make a day (or night) of it

devote a whole day (or night) to an activity.

make someone's day

make an otherwise ordinary or dull day pleasingly memorable for someone: a mention in her favourite mag would make her day

make a House

British secure the presence of enough members for a quorum or support in the House of Commons.

make do

manage with the limited or inadequate means available:Dad would have to make do with an old car

make like

North American informal pretend to be; imitate:now make like my pants and split

make or break

be the factor which decides whether (something) will succeed or fail: the soundtrack can make or break a production [as modifier]:a make-or-break match

make sail

spread a sail or sails.
start a voyage.

make time

  • 1find an occasion when time is available to do something: the nurse should make time to talk to the patient
  • 2North American informal make sexual advances to someone:I couldn’t make time with Marilyn because she was already a senior

make up one's mind

make a decision; decide: he made up his mind to attend the meeting

make way

  • 1allow room for someone or something else:the land is due to be concreted over to make way for a car park
  • 2 Nautical make progress; travel: water slapped along the hull as we begin to make way

on the make

intent on gain, typically in an unscrupulous way: a hard-faced girl on the make
looking for a sexual partner: he was always on the make and he had a very quick turnover

put the make on

North American informal make sexual advances to (someone): Vince was hoping to put the make on his boss’s wife

make after

dated pursue (someone).

make away with

another way of saying make off with.
kill (someone): for all we know she could have been made away with

make for

  • 1move or head towards (a place):I made for the life raft and hung on for dear life
  • approach (someone) to attack them.
  • 2tend to result in or be received as (a particular thing):job descriptions never make for exciting reading
  • 3 (be made for) be eminently suited for (a particular function or person):a man made for action

make something of

give a specified amount of attention or importance to:he makes little of America’s low investment rates
understand the meaning or character of:he wasn’t sure what to make of Sue

make off

leave hurriedly, especially in order to avoid duty or punishment:they made off without paying

make off with

carry (something) away illicitly:burglars made off with all their wedding presents

make out

  • 1make progress; fare:how are you making out, now that the summer’s over?
  • 2North American informal engage in sexual activity: teenagers were making out on the couch Ernie was making out with Berenice

make someone/thing out

  • 1manage with some difficulty to see or hear something:in the dim light it was difficult to make out the illustration
  • understand the character or motivation of: I can’t make her out—she’s so inconsistent
  • 2 [with infinitive or clause] assert; represent:I’m not as bad as I’m made out to be
  • try to give a specified impression; pretend:he made out he was leaving
  • 3draw up or write out a list or document:send a cheque made out to Trinity College

make someone over

give someone a new image with hairstyling, make-up, or clothes.

make something over

transfer the possession of something to someone: if he dies childless he is to make over his share of the estate to his brother

make up

be reconciled after a quarrel:let’s kiss and make up

make someone up

apply cosmetics to oneself or another: (as adjective made up)heavily made-up women in short skirts

make something up

  • 1 (also make up for) compensate for something lost, missed, or deficient:I’ll make up the time tomorrow
  • (make it up to) compensate someone for negligent or unfair treatment: I’ll try to make it up to you in the future
  • 2 (make up) (of parts) compose or constitute (a whole):women make up 56 per cent of the student body
  • complete an amount or group:he brought along a girl to make up a foursome
  • 3put together or prepare something from parts or ingredients:make up the mortar to a consistency that can be moulded in the hands
  • get an amount or group together: he was trying to make up a party to go dancing
  • prepare a bed for use with fresh bedclothes.
  • Printing arrange text and illustrations into pages.
  • 4invent a story, lie, or plan: she enjoyed making up tall tales (as adjective made up)a made-up story

make up to

British informal attempt to win the favour of (someone) by being pleasant: you can’t go on about morals when you’re making up to Adam like that

make with

US informal proceed to use or supply:make with the feet, honey—you’re embarrassing Jim


(also makable) adjective