ონლაინ ლექსიკონი



გამოთქმა: /leɪ/

არსებითი სახელი

  • 1 [in singular] the general appearance of an area of land:the lay of the surrounding countryside
  • the position or direction in which something lies:roll the carpet against the lay of the nap
  • the direction or amount of twist in rope strands.
  • 2 vulgar slang an act of sexual intercourse.
  • [with adjective] a person with a particular ability or availability as a sexual partner.
  • 3 [mass noun] the laying of eggs or the period during which they are laid: the onset of lay may be marked by a dropping of the duck’s abdomen


  • 1 [with object and adverbial of place] put (something) down gently or carefully:she laid the baby in his cot
  • [with object] prevent (something) from rising off the ground:there may have been the odd light shower just to lay the dust
  • 2 [with object] put down and set in position for use:it is advisable to have your carpet laid by a professional
  • British set cutlery, crockery, etc. on (a table) in preparation for a meal:she laid the table for dinner
  • (often be laid with) cover (a surface) with objects or a substance:the floor was laid with mattresses
  • put the material for (a fire) in place and arrange it: he was making newspaper knots before laying a fire in the fireplace
  • prepare (a trap) for someone:she wouldn’t put it past him to lay a trap for her
  • work out (an idea or suggestion) in detail ready for use or presentation:I’d like more time to lay my plans
  • (lay something before) present information or suggestions to be considered and acted upon by (someone):he laid before Parliament proposals for the establishment of the committee
  • locate (an episode in a play, novel, etc.) in a particular place:no one who knew the area could be in doubt where the scene was laid
  • [with object] stake (an amount of money) in a bet:she suspected he was pulling her leg, but she wouldn’t have laid money on it
  • 3 [with object] used with an abstract noun so that the phrase formed has the same meaning as the verb related to the noun used, e.g. ‘lay the blame on’ means ‘to blame’:she laid great stress on little courtesies
  • 4 [with object] (of a female bird, insect, reptile, or amphibian) produce (an egg) from inside the body:flamingos lay only one egg [no object]:the hens were laying at the same rate as usual
  • 5 [with object] vulgar slang have sexual intercourse with.
  • 6 [with object] Nautical follow (a specified course): I’m going to lay a course for Ibiza harbour
  • 7 [with object] trim (a hedge) back, cutting the branches half through, bending them down, and interweaving them: most hedges are no longer laid

in lay

(of a hen) laying eggs regularly.

lay something at someone's door

see door.

lay something bare

bring something out of concealment; expose something:the sad tale of failure was laid bare

lay a charge

make an accusation:we could lay a charge of gross negligence

lay claim to

assert that one has a right to (something):four men laid claim to the leadership
assert that one possesses (a skill or quality):she has never laid claim to medical knowledge

lay down one's arms (or weapons)

cease fighting.

lay down the law

see law.

lay down one's life

sacrifice one’s life for a cause:the willingness of British troops to lay down their lives for their country is a humbling thought

lay eyes on

see eye.

lay a (or the) ghost

exorcise a ghost.
finally cease to be troubled by the memory of an unpleasant situation or event:by claiming victory, they laid to rest the ghosts of five previous defeats

lay hands on (also lay or put one's hands on)

  • 1find and take possession of:they huddled trying to keep warm under anything they could lay hands on
  • 2place one’s hands on or over, especially in confirmation, ordination, or spiritual healing: at the healing service, the clergy offered to lay hands on anyone who wished it

lay hold of (or on)

catch or gain possession of:he was afraid she might vanish if he did not lay hold of her

lay it on the line

see line1.

lay someone low

(of an illness) reduce someone to inactivity:he was laid low by a stomach bug
bring to an end the high position or good fortune formerly enjoyed by someone:she reflected on how quickly fate can lay a person low

lay something on the table

see table.

lay something on thick (or with a trowel)

informal grossly exaggerate or overemphasize something: the message is laid on with a trowel for three hours

lay someone open to

expose someone to the risk of (something):his position could lay him open to accusations of favouritism

lay oneself out to do something

chiefly British make a special effort to do something:she’s laying herself out to be pleasant

lay siege to

see siege.

lay store by

see store.

lay someone/thing to rest

bury a body in a grave: they couldn’t lay him to rest as his body was never discovered
soothe and dispel fear, anxiety, etc.:suspicion will be laid to rest by fact rather than hearsay

lay something (to) waste

see waste.

lay about

beat or attack (someone) violently: they weren’t against laying about you with sticks and stones
(lay about one) strike out wildly on all sides:the mare laid about her with her front legs and teeth

lay something aside

put something to one side:he laid aside his book figurativethe situation gave them a good reason to lay aside their differences
reserve money for the future or for a particular cause: he begged them to lay something aside towards the cause

lay something down

  • 1put something down.
  • 2formulate and enforce or insist on a rule or principle:stringent criteria have been laid down
  • 3pay or bet money: when it comes to field sports, large sums of money are laid down
  • 4begin to construct a ship or railway: twenty-four ships were projected, of which twenty were laid down
  • build up a deposit of a substance:these cells lay down new bone tissue
  • 5store wine in a cellar: each bottle has to be laid down for several years before it is ready to drink
  • 6 informal record a piece of music:he was invited to the studio to lay down some backing vocals

lay something in/up

build up a stock of something in case of need: the police are expecting riots and preparing by laying in guns and tear gas

lay into

informal attack violently with words or blows:three youths laid into him

lay off

informal give up or stop doing something:I laid off smoking for seven years

lay someone off

discharge a worker temporarily or permanently because of a shortage of work: the company has laid off 30 per cent of its staff

lay something off

  • 1chiefly Soccer pass the ball to a teammate: Jules laid the ball off to the striker
  • 2paint the final layer on a wall or other surface: lay off the paint with very light brush strokes
  • 3(of a bookmaker) insure against a loss resulting from a large bet by placing a similar bet with another bookmaker.

lay something on

  • 1British provide a service or amenity:the council provides a grant to lay on a bus
  • 2 informal require (someone) to endure or deal with a responsibility or difficulty:this is an absurdly heavy guilt trip to lay on anyone

lay someone out

  • 1prepare someone for burial after death: they laid him out in the cabin in a big wooden box
  • 2 informal knock someone unconscious:he was lucky that the punch didn’t lay him out

lay something out

  • 1spread something out to its full extent: the police were insisting that suitcases should be opened and their contents laid out her evening dress was laid out on the bed
  • 2construct or arrange buildings or gardens according to a plan: they proceeded to lay out a new town
  • arrange and present material for printing and publication:the brochure is beautifully laid out
  • explain something clearly and carefully:we need a paper laying out our priorities
  • 3 informal spend a sum of money:look at the money I had to lay out for your uniform

lay over

US break one’s journey: Steven and I will lay over in New York, then fly to London

lay up

Golf hit the ball deliberately to a lesser distance than possible, typically in order to avoid a hazard: the conservative thing to do was lay up and settle for a five

lay someone up

put someone out of action through illness or injury:he was laid up with the flu

lay something up

  • 2put a ship or boat in dock or out of commission:our boats were laid up during the winter months I decided to lay the boat up there
  • 3assemble plies or layers in the arrangement required for the manufacture of plywood or other laminated material: successive plies are laid up until the desired thickness is achieved